The Italian National Research Council (CNR) participates with the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM), belonging to the Physics and Matter Technologies Department. IMM is organized in 6 Sections, located in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Lecce and two Sections in Catania (the Headquarters and at the University of Catania). The sections participating to TELEGRAM are Catania Headquarters and Rome.

The Institute has a permanent staff of 195 people (117 of them as Researchers) and a temporary staff including 47 post-docs and 61 PhD students. The research activity is focused on innovative solutions for micro and nanoelectronics, advanced materials and processes for smart components, optoelectronics and photonics, sensors and multifunctional micro/nanosystems.

CNR is part of the EU research grouping N.ERGHY.


CNR, as project coordinator is responsible of the overall coordination (WP1) involving monitoring of the Project progress, providing Project administrative support and communicating between the Consortium partners and the European Commission.

CNR also leads WP7, dedicated to dissemination, communication and exploitation.

CNR will contribute to WP2, through the development of 3D nanostructured catalysts, with extremely low amount of noble metals or with earth abundant materials, and through the investigation of the basic physico-chemical principles governing reactions, in particular by structural analyses at the atomic level.

CNR will participate to the technology transfer of the more promising catalysts in the MEA (WP4) and DAFC (WP5) and to the protocol determination for the evaluation of compatibility of the electrochemical systems with renewable energy sources (WP6).


Project Coordinator and WP1 Leader

Dr. Stefania M.S. Privitera


WP7 Leader

Dr. Salvatore Lombardo