The consortium is composed of four partners from three European countries (Italy, Germany, Sweden).

Project Coordinator
WP1 and WP7 leader

Responsible for 3D nanostructured catalysts, with extremely low amount of noble metals or with earth abundant materials, for both ammonia synthesis and oxidation.

WP3 and WP5 leader

Responsible for the design and building of the direct ammonia fuel cell (DAFC) and for multi-physics simulation models. HZB will also perform the life cycle assessment.

WP4 and WP6 leader

Responsible for design and building of the ammonia generation cell and for setting up the demonstrator of the full ammonia cycle, powered by renewable energy sources.

WP2 leader

Responsible for the development of new catalysts for the NH3 synthesis and the DAFC. UU also performs in operando spectroscopy and atomic scale modeling (DFT).