25-28 April 2022

The Consortium is glad to announce that the Poster entitled “High-entropic alloys for electrochemical ammonia synthesis in alkaline electrolytes” by Ilknur Bayrak Pehlivan, León Zendejas Medina, Rafael B. Araujo, and Tomas Edvinsson, partners of the TELEGRAM project at Uppsala University, has been awarded as Best Poster at the 5th International Conference on Applied Surface Science (ICASS), held in Palma, Mallorca, Spain on 25-28 April 2022.

The conference, organized by Elsevier, has provided a forum for researchers in all areas of applied surface science such as the role and use of surfaces in chemical and physical processes, related to catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, new/functional materials, and nanotechnology as well as various techniques and characterization methods.

In the work presented, electrochemical ammonia production from nitrogen gas is examined. CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy thin films are used as cathodic electrocatalysts. Nitrogen reduction reactions are investigated in alkaline electrolytes having different concentrations of KOH. The results showed that it is possible to obtain ammonia with an ammonia production rate of 10-10 mol cm-2 s-1 or by up to 20% Faradic efficiency at room temperature.

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