The most updated results of the TELEGRAM project will be presented at the scientific workshop that will be held during the 2023 Fall Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS), taking place from September 18 to 21, 2023 at the main campus of the University of Technology in Warsaw (Poland).

Within the symposium B “Advanced catalytic materials for (photo)electrochemical energy conversion IV” the following oral contributions will be presented:

18 September   14:30 – 15:35 

S.M. S. Privitera (CNR): Routes toward efficient electrochemical green ammonia cycle: TELEGRAM H2020 project

S. Calnan (HZB): Impact of material choices on the operational stability of low temperature direct ammonia fuel cells

E. Kemppainen (HZB): Sensitivity Analysis of Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell Operation Using Multiphysics Simulations

M. F. Seidler (FZJ): Testing Electrochemical Devices for a Green Ammonia Cycle under Fluctuating Conditions

19 September   10:00 – 10:30 

R. B. Araujo (UU): High Entropy Alloys for Aqueous Electrocatalytic N2 Reduction: Utilizing Deep Neural Networks and a Probabilistic Approach to Quantify Competitive Relations

R.G. Milazzo (CNR): Low loading gold deposition on Ni foam for nitrogen reduction reaction

20 September   17:00  

D. Sachse (FZJ): Generation of Nitrogen for Ammonia Synthesis by Electrochemical Oxygen Depletion


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