6-7 October 2022 All the partners  have met in Catania, Italy for the 8th Consortium Meeting.  The meeting was held […]
The TELEGRAM project has been presented at the NanoInnovation 2022 Conference in Rome, Italy, on September 19th during the guest […]
The TELEGRAM project is going to participate on September 8th 2022 in the Low-TRL Renewable Energy Technologies #workshop at Sustainable Places Conference 2022 […]
24 May 2022 The most recent research progresses have been presented by all the partners during the seventh Consortium meeting. […]
25-28 April 2022 The Consortium is glad to announce that the Poster entitled “High-entropic alloys for electrochemical ammonia synthesis in […]
2 March 2022 The sixth Consortium meeting has been organised virtually for internal coordination of the activities and to share […]